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Hello, just a few questions.

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Hello everyone, I'm new to dirtbikes and I purchased an older Suzuki 80ds for 50$ cdn. The only problem with it is the clutch is not working very good, but anyways that's another question for another time. Here it is.

I can't determine what year the bike is or the model (allthough I'm almost 100% sure its a 80ds.
I have the serial number off the engine:


Thank you kindly,


P.s If pictures are needed I can get them.
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If you can post a profile pic of it I may be able to get you
in the ballpark. Side with exhaust is preferable.
That looks to be a mid 70's TS 75 rather than a DS 80.
DS 80's had a high pipe that ran above the engine, that
was a more upright design and they came along about
1979/80. The TS 75's had a forward head design with a
pipe that ran under the engine and upward, along the
rear frame section, and I think they stopped making them
around 1977/78.
At the risk of stepping on some toes, you might give this place
a call; TJ Parts Express in Toledo, Ohio, their phone is
419-478-7195. About two years ago I couldn't even get a top
end gasket kit for a 80' RM 125 ordered anywhere, called them
and they stocked it, give them the CC# and they sent it right
out, no problems.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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