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Hello! Newb with some ?'s about pipes and jackets

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Hello all, I just got my first Gixxer from Chicago Crooks oops I mean Chicago Cycle. If I get a bolt on pipe on my 04 gixxer 600 am I going to run into tuning problems? All of my friends either have carb'd yamaha's or don't know what they're talking about. My questions are if I just get a bolt on do I need to get a power commander or won't that change any tuning, and are textile jackets good enough? I want to this one jacket for me and my girl but but the textile version is much cheaper and according to the salesguy I talked to "are just as good as leather." I've been told that just getting a bolt on wouldn't change enough to require a tuning. Any input would be great. Thanx guys.
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Textile beats the hell out of nothing, but there really is no substitute for leather.

Either should provide an acceptable level of protection. Go with what you like.

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