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Hello newbie here. I got a ? for you LC 1500 owners.

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Anyone own or owned a LC 1500 preferably 2000 model and newer? Mechanically experiences? Also any of these owners owned or road kawasaki vulcan drifter 1500 or 800 and comparison other than looks.
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I rode the 1500 Vulcan before settling on the 1500LC Intruder. The Suzuki has a better handling characteristic then the Kawasaki. I personally think that the hardware is better on the Suzuki. The chrome looks better and is more polished on the Suzuki but not as good as the Yamaha Road Star. When you add custom pipes to your 1500LC, you'll love the sound. I installed Hard Chrome Kickers and cut the baffles in half. Whew, it sounds great!
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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