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Helmet safety/fashion question.

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When I bought my helmet back in September, I bought the one I liked the best. It's shiny & black. I wasn't thinking about safety.

I'd like to put some kind of reflective tape on the helmet to make it more visible. Is that a ridiculous idea? Would it look bad? If you think it could be okay, what type of reflective tape would you recommend?

Someday I'll buy a more visible helmet. For now, the black one is all I have.
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Try Applied Graphics

Try this place; they have lots of graphic designs in reflective decals for helmets. :mrgreen:
Here's a ULR to helmet tape

Pinhy said:
i hear you on this one. i have a black 3/4 helmet with face shield. will be getting a black bike.

i want to look matched when riding, but have to consider safety, especially when riding at night. i think when i get a real riding jacket i will get one that is black and another bright color, and then use that color as an accent in different parts of anything i wear. i dont think i am going to do anything to the helmet though.

on a street bike, bright colors seem to fit right, but on a black cruiser, its hard to get away form just doing everything black!
If you want to stay all black you may wish to consider "Black Reflective Tape" Yes, its black but reflects white! So it shows up great at night. I first saw it on a friend's BMW. He applied them to the back of his black saddlebags. You couldn't see them in daylight but the reflected bright white when headlights illuminated them from begind. Here's a ULR to helmet tape:
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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