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Help ASAP~!

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Ok guys, i was riding home from work in the rain. I have about a 45 minute drive and today it was raining...well the fuel light came on so i decided to fill up, i guestimate i had about a half a gallon left...Get back on the highway and go...i get off of the highway about 20 miles later...get to a stop light and go tot ake off...she dies...start her up and have to rev to 5 grand to take off and she is doggy!! i mean little acceleration...and it would get jumpy go from doggy to fast...then it just went to a complete dog...could i have gotten bad gass?? i usually put midgrade in and got 87 octane in it this time. I have ran 87 before without problems, but not this time....COuld the weather have affected it?? i need help asap guys, thanks!
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That sounds EXACTLY like mosture in the motor. When moisture is in there the thing will idle rough and when you throttle opens it could buck and spit some smoke out the back. Same crap happened with my car........ONLY when it rained.
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