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Help! Lost my confidence

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Okay...I'm having a bad day. Day 7 on the new bike.

I dropped my bike on the first day, turning right from an stand still on an uphill slope. I know what I did wrong and I've learned from the mistake. After that, I've had a great week of riding every day, through traffic, along quiet roads, and a whole host of other situations. And done well. I was proud.

I went out this morning for a nice mid-morning ride. All went well and I had a great ride. Then I made a sharp right into the driveway (which is dirt and gravel) and I dropped the bike again. I wasn't hurt and this time, neither was the bike. I fell in soft dirt and it was fine...but it shook my confidence. Bad.

I was nervous all day after that. Everytime I round a corner, I panic! I found myself turning way too wide when I try to turn onto streets. Particularly right turns. I was sitting here at my desk around 5:00 this evening, thinking about going out for a last ride of the evening, and I was actually feeling afraid of my bike! What is wrong with me? Is this normal?

I went for that final ride, but I was very uptight so I cut it short and came home. Help! I gotta get over this.
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I'm a newbie too. Relax before you go riding, think positive. Go slow at a pace your confident. Get back on that saddle girl! 8)
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