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[HELP]Sv 650 Engine Knocking

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I basically know whats wrong with my engine but i would like too know if this is a common problem and if any body could tell me exactly whats happened.It all happened after my friend did some wheelies with my SV that on my way home there was a loud knocking noise along with power loss.i then had to be picked up because i was scared to ride it home like that fearing that i would break it more. I am being told that during extended wheelies that the way the oil pump is posistion that it stops circulating oil to the other half of the engine and burns or breaks the crank.I dont know much about what has happened or whether on being ignorant i dont want to say that this is what happended to my bike but what happens to SV after extended wheelies. But i would like info on this and if anybody has any motors for sale hit me up,.Mahalo
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If my knowledge serves me correctly that sv is a twin that is more likely to happen than on a perpendicular mounted motor (inline four). Have someone split the case and inspect. You cant do anything worse than whats already done. Note once you split the case you may as well start replacing parts (bearings, piston rings,) May not be worth it good luck.
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