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[HELP]Sv 650 Engine Knocking

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I basically know whats wrong with my engine but i would like too know if this is a common problem and if any body could tell me exactly whats happened.It all happened after my friend did some wheelies with my SV that on my way home there was a loud knocking noise along with power loss.i then had to be picked up because i was scared to ride it home like that fearing that i would break it more. I am being told that during extended wheelies that the way the oil pump is posistion that it stops circulating oil to the other half of the engine and burns or breaks the crank.I dont know much about what has happened or whether on being ignorant i dont want to say that this is what happended to my bike but what happens to SV after extended wheelies. But i would like info on this and if anybody has any motors for sale hit me up,.Mahalo
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i am unfamiliar with motorcycle motor, but is it above a basic mechanics ability to do open it up. is there
specific stuff i should know about before i open up my bike,or is it that bad that i shouldnt of even asked that question haha...i know its pretty messed up already but i dont want to mess it any more then what is...basically i am trying to decide on whether its worth it to fix this or look for an another motor.I live in Hawaii an there is not to many options here...thanks
my motor has know been taken apart an we have come 2 a problem. how do u take off the Stator rotor assembly.must have some special tool or some trick to it.thanks
out of curiosity,what kind of puller could i use. I there a special puller from suzuki or could i use a normal puller with a little upgrade of some sort.
i have someone working on it but we were just trying to make sure on how it was to be taken off.thanks for the advice but i am going to need a new motor anyway so were seeing want went wrong with mine.Anything else i should know about after taking this thing off...mahalo

with all respect 2u dirtyfingers there isnt an shop here on the big island of hawaii that could fix the rather break the break
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