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[HELP] take off Sv650 Stator Rotor assembly

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Need help with taking off the Stator Rotor Assembly off a SV 650 1999. We have tried pullers but it slides off the stator.Is there some sort of special puller or tool from suzuki,or could i send a bolt thru the front of the stator to sort pop it off.Im stuck.
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I take it you have removed the centre bolt, So next you need a rotor puller that will screw into the hole where you removed the securing bolt from, This as you screw in will displace the rotor from the shaft but beware it is tight and holding the rotor to stop it turning can be a handfull.
Suzuki do a special rotor removing tool (Pt Number09930-30450) but it's not cheap.
You can at a push stick the bike in gear and have someone sit on it with the brakes applied to try to stop the rotor turning.

Good luck.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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