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[HELP] take off Sv650 Stator Rotor assembly

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Need help with taking off the Stator Rotor Assembly off a SV 650 1999. We have tried pullers but it slides off the stator.Is there some sort of special puller or tool from suzuki,or could i send a bolt thru the front of the stator to sort pop it off.Im stuck.
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Get a buddy to help you with this. Get two big screwdrivers or pry bars. Start by using the two pry bars on either side of the stator, evenly spaced, and with equal pressure pry it away from the bike. While doing that and the center bolt threaded in slightly, get your buddy to whack that bolt with a hammer. Basically your "shocking" the stator off. Use discretion when prying or hammering, dont go nuts.
The idea is not to just "pry" it off. Its the shock transmitted by the hammer that makes it pop off. But you do need to pry with enough pressure to make it want to come off, but not enough to crush the cases or distort the stator. It will pop off all of a sudden when you smack it just right. Please remember to be careful not to hit the stator. And remember to hammer on the loosened bolt, not the end of the shaft, you dont want to mess up the threads, or the end of the shaft. A bolt is much cheaper to replace.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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