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help with vintage suzuki 80 cc bike

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Myself and a few friends came upon an old zsuzuki 80cc bike at the recycling center, we threw it in the truck and brought it home. After cleaning years of gunk out of the fuel tank and lines, and cleaning the carb, filling it with two stroke oil (it has oil injection) we managed to get it to start and it runs very well at high speeds, but if i let off the throttle, even a second, it bogs and despite any efforts, it will die down. We sometimes have to prime it with some carb and choke cleaner to get it to start and it runs well on that but then starts to die on us. It will run at high speeds, but dies on letting it off, making me think it might be a fuel issue. The carb is pretty tired and though i know little of carbs, one of the guys said the "floats" looked old. Could this be the cause of the problem? I would give more information on the age of it, but all the stickers are gone off it. One marking we found appeared to indicate that it was from the late 1970's. I will take some photos of it tomorrow to get you a better indication of it, maybe some video to help too. I appreciate any help or advice you can give!

(BTW, the compression is excellent, so thats probably not it.)
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