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Hey guys

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Hey everyone. I just stopped by cause I am lookin at gettin a 05 GSXR 600, My Roomate is gettin a 05 GSXR 750, he has alot more experience than I do though, I'm just used to dirt bikes and a few street bikes. I am just lookin at it now for a run around bike and lookin for a older bike for a trick bike so I don't wreck anything important. Everyone I hang out with rides quite a bit in the summer and I am sick of just sittin around while there out haha. My other buddy Chris has a 2003 GSXR 1000 I ride every once in awhile but never get on it cause I am not wreckin someone elses bike and thats alot more power at the flick of my wrist than I am used to. The only thing that worries me though is one on my buddies was at a stop light turning left when a pickup hit him at 40. Walked away with a few scrapes and bruises which is very lucky. Well thats about it for now gotten start lookin at info Later guys.

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Stop. Search "noobie". Read. Learn. Don't do anything stupid.
You used "GSXR" and "comfortable" in the same sentence? I can't imagine how a tank-humper could be comfortable! But that's just my personal opinion.

Welcome ... be safe, and may the force be with you. But beware of the dark side!
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