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HID for front headlight?

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Anyone know where to get an HID bulb for a 2004 GSXR 600?
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I don't but I do need to warn you that if you DO find one, you might need to get beefier, higher wattage lines or you can melt the plug to the headlight. (I did this with my car :( )
Actually Xenon bulbs have a much higher chance of melting the plug in the headlight AND burning out.

The stock headlight on almost all vehicles (including my 04 GSXR) run on 60/55 H4 headlight. So the wires are made to support this. Most Xenon headlights (Blue, Hyper White and other bright colors) run with 120/80 wattage.

I put the Xenon blue in my bike and it looked awesome and WAS brighter. But after 2 weeks the lowbeam filament burned out. After 3.5 Weeks the highbeam filament burned out too. The bulb didn't melt anything on my bike, but the wiring can't handle the higher wattage bulbs so it leads to much shorter bulb life (NOTE: these Xenon bulbs cost around 20 bucks per bulb).

I did a little research on the HID's and they are actually much easier to use. Where I read; it said that you DO NOT need beefier wires. The HID's actually use the same wattage 60/55 as you stock bulb. They are much brighter and have a better life than any average bulb. They are the best to get, but for obvious reasons, they are very expensive.
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I seriously don't know hardly anyting about HID's. All I know is cars WITH them its a nice 1,000 more dollars to have these special headlights. Theres no way you can expect to have these without a reasonable amount of work and a pretty penny. I'll repeat, I really don't know much about these, but if they were easy to convert then there would be a hell of a lot more of them on bikes.
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