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High Speed Shakes

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Hello everyone,

Have broken in my C50T and took it out on the highway to see what it can do. I found that above 65 mph there is a huge increase in the vibration and the engine sounds like it is not going to hold together. I was interested in finding out if this was normal or if I have a problem with my bike. It would be very uncomfortable to travel at 75 on my bike for any long distance. I did buy the bike knowing that most of the time I would be travelling backroads and not really going faster than 65 most of the time. But I thought that I would occasionally be able to take a highway trip.

Thanks in advance.

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Have you had the 1st service done?

If so did you do it or the dealer?

If you did it, did you check all the bolts, as well as a fluid change?

Part of 1st service is a bolt check, along with the steering head. They will seat in (loosen), along with the engine. I remember old British Twins (BSA Triumph, etc), all the nuts were lock nuts (aircraft type), they vibrated so bad, that if you didn't have them, you were tightening once a week.
Possibly loose bolts is the only problem. Try checking the torque specs.
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