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hiya i got another question

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thanks for all your advice guys. but i have another question im def not getting the bike for another year so i have plenty of time to think about whats best but do you think if i practiced for like a year on smaller bikes then do you think i would be ready for the sv1000s because i know i can practice for like a month comming up in may becuase i doing an internship at my uncles chopper store but he also has smaller bikes i can practice with but anyways do you think that ill be ready if i practice really hard for like a year? then do you think that would be a good bike to get? or would it still be too hard to ride? thanks for your time- liz
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Think back. When you were in third grade when you were learning your multiplication tables. Do you think if you practiced them really hard, really really hard, you would be ready for college Calculus? Or even college Algerbra? There are many little lessons and mistakes to be learned on a bike that is more forgiving and friendly. Are you listening :?:
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