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Horror Story: My poor bike

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Just thought I would help all of you people who are having a bad day by telling you my story. And here it goes.... Well approx. 2 weeks ago I had just picked up my brand new 2004 GSX-R600 Black/Orange. Well after having an amazing time with it on this wonderful Saturday afternoon I decide to take a nice ride with a few other guys. We are at our meeting spot and I seem to spot alittle spot on my tire that doesn't look normal. Anyway it was a nail and I took my bike to the shop. Brand new tire with a nail in it, not even 500 miles on the bike. Well after 2 hours go by I go to get my bike and the service manager comes over and pulls me aside. "Tiresmkn, there was alittle accident with your bike" "Our technician was test driving the new tire we had put on and he hit some sand and crashed your bike" None the less, luckily enough they had the same bike in stock and swapped over: Muffler, all new pegs, front right controls, new feiring, new front rim and NEW FRONT TIRE as well as the back, new front cowling...and a few more extras. All said and done, they fully replaced all damaged parts and what not. Long ass day...but now I have to break in new tires!!!

I hope your day wasn't as bad as mine!!!!
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Seriously, is this standard practice? I'd be furious over a test ride for a tire. There's no reason that a balance job isn't test enough.


BTW, the sand excuse was likely b.s. I'd bet a squid tech overbraked the new rubber and laid it down.
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