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Hot asphalt

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This was learned a very long time ago, but the newbies might appreciate it. With temperarures here already going over 100 degrees it reminded me of this. If you live in an area with similiar high temps pay attention when parking your bike. Years ago I was in a hurry, parked, rushed inside for a cold drink and came out to see that somene had knocked over my bike. :evil: After righting it, I noticed my side stand had sank in the hot asphalt. :roll: No one knocked it over!

Solution :idea: , I carry a blank metal electrical plate on hot days and place it under the stand to distribute the weight. They cost just a few cents so if it's forgotten on the road side you aren't out the ten or twenty bucks for the fancy manufactured ones. Oh ya, don't park to close to the bike on your right if it's hot and it's on the side stand only.

Fast way to tell if you need to put a plate down is park, take off your helmet and gear, then lift the bike off the stand. If it left a mark on the pavement in that short of time, I'd put a plate under the stand.
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A smallish piece of plywood may also be something to keep your bike upright. :D
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