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Hotter Plugs

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My bikes running a bit rich.
Cylinders 1 & 2 plugs looks soft ashy black with fluffy white deposits on the electrode and the tip. And numbers 3&4 are black and almost oily, smelling like gas.

So short of taking the carbs apart and resetting the float levels and then balancing all 4 carbs, would a one hotter plug step help to cure this at all?
Its a 78 Suzuki GS550, and its running B8ES NGKs right now.

Ive rebuilt the carbs before, and adjusted the levels wrong im sure.


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Hotter plugs ( lower number ) might help mask your problem to a degree ( although I doubt any noticeable difference will be seen ) but you should get the bike back in tune asap.

Get yourself a clymer or haines manual ( no source that we've found for free internet manuals out there ) and follow it to get your bike back in tune or get it to a mechanic that knows what he's doing.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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