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how does the 1986 GSXR1100 compare to other bikes of that era?

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just as the title states.
i was talkin' to a friend that has driven bikes of that era. and he stated that the '86 GSXR1100 is a 'MONSTER' compared to the other bikes of that era. he said that every time he hit the throttle the rear tire would spin and he would start going up in a wheelie :shock: . is that true for that bike?

he thinks that i should get something less of a monster for my 1st crotchrocket styke bike.

so i'm looking at a few bikes now. which are:
-'86 GSXR1100 $1300-$1000 36,000 miles on it, new piant job(yellow), the blinkers do not work.

-'91 katana(not sure what size it's not listed in the ad)$800 possibly sold. i'm next in line if it doesn't sell.

-'87 hurricane CBR600 $900 obo. i just called about this 1. he said he most likely take $650-$700 for it. it needs mirrors and a paint job. it's primer right now with all new body panels and other parts. it was dumped 2 summers ago. and he rebuilt it.

so which bike should i pursue(spelling?)? again this would be my 1st critchrocket style bike. and i only have 1 summers exp. with rideing a bike.

thanks for the help.
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thanks Nut. i was actually going to PM you with a link to this topic. to get your opinion. on the katana i called the guy again. it is sold and it was a 750. he just didn't list it in the ad. on the CBR600 even for the money it's not worth it? i think i could get it for $550 cash in his hand. as where i can get the GSXR1100 for $1000. <-- is that a good price for that bike with the listed specs?(36K, blinkers don't work, newer paint job, runs good, etc...)

on the GSXR1100 with that high of mileage should i stay away from it? do you know how much a rebuild of the engine would cost? can i still get the parts to get it rebuilt? is there an 'all in one' rebuild kit for it?
what does the bike compare to, to a newer bike? i.e. in acc., speed, handleing, etc..

thanks again for helping me out.
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