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Hi to all.
I'm newbie here (1st post) and like to know how much oil to put in the front fork ?
My bike is an GSXF750 Katana 96.
Trully the bike is and 97/98 model, but here in Brazil correspond to 96 Katana model.
The new front one is 98 and up here.
I bought this bike last week, it's now with 23.000 km, and i'm repairing it all.
New tires, sparks, cleaning and retuning carbs, cleaning brake system and changing fluid, oil changed, gasoline diafragma changed, and some stuffs, but need to know how much oil.
Does someone know this info ?

Here some pics of the bike.

Thanks in advance.
Luiz Gustavo
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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