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how top secure your bike

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when hauling a c50 in the back of a truck {going to and from shop for tune up or when you buy new} where would be a good place on bike to
strap down without damaging bike {going to buy one in a couple of months}
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Get some tie down extensions, just webbing with double loops. Place those on your frame and your bars, then place the tie down hooks in them. That way no hooks gouging your new ride while it's going home.

The picture shows the rear placement. On the bars is a "Canyon Dancer" for sportbikes. For the cruiser just use another pair of extenders.
Ride-or-die said:
and what a lovely gixer
Thanks, that's my all time favorite ride to date! Well, except one and she is at work today! :whistle:

Like what I see in your avatar, any bigger pics of a Euro gixxer?
If you still need to buy tie downs and stuff for transport look into these O'Neal Soft Tie-Downs. They have the soft loop built in as one unit. I got some for the last trip, they work great and you can't lose the loop piece, like I've done before. :roll:
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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