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In a nutshell...
1. Took clutch slave cylinder off for a totally unrelated problem because it was in the way.
2. Put it back I can't get any decent pressure to build up in hydraulic line to engage the clutch.
3. Couldn't see any imperfections on cylinder wall big enough to cause a leak (or so I thought), piston seal looks like brand new but I changed it anyway because the manual said not to use the old one.
4. Can't hear or locate any leaks where pressure might be lost. No puddles of hydraulic fluid forming under bike So I'm not losing any fluid.
5. I've blown out the cylinder and all related parts with compressor. Bleed valve works fine, line connector to cylinder not leaking.
I'M AT WITS END!!! This is the first week in Michigan where the weather has been decent for riding, and my bike is on blocks.
6. Next step is to replace the entire slave cylinder assembly. That's over $70.00 bucks + the express shipping will be another $30.00.

Has anybody bled the hydraulic clutch for an Intruder? Any ideas or suggestions before I replace the whole assembly would be greatly appreciated everyone. I'm pulling my hair out here !!!!!!!

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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