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I have a problem

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So as everyone probably already knows, i want my first bike to be the M50 when it comes out. however, i am now hearing it isnt coming out till march!!

i close on my house on jan 14 and i am taking the MSF course the week of the 18-23. i will then be doing some serious bike shopping. i dont think i can wait till march because a) it is too far away and b) i wouldnt have the bike and be riding a while for bike week at daytona.

SO...what do i do? ive researched the yamahas, suzukis, hondas and kawasakis. all the other possibilities have something about them i dont like. whether that be carb instead of fuel injection, air/oil cooled instead of liquid, ugly spoked rims instead of nice mag wheels, or just too much money. i cant figure out what i want to get!

what i really want to do is just "borrow" a bike a couple months until the m50 is out but i dont see that happening. if i buy a used one then trade it in i take a huge hit. and i cant afford to buy one outright so i have to be able to finance it.

anyone have any suggestions? maybe someone in FL has a couple extra bikes to loan me one?? haha.

just some discussion on possibilities would help me out a lot...thanks.
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First, I would say wait and get exactly the one you want and can afford (monthly payments, insurance, gear, etc.)
If you wanna get some good experience in, then go find an older used bike and resale it like Dr. Bob said. It will let you make some mistakes and scratches but they won't be on your new baby come March!
Sounds like you have a plan :bluethum:

Keep us updated!
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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