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I have a problem

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So as everyone probably already knows, i want my first bike to be the M50 when it comes out. however, i am now hearing it isnt coming out till march!!

i close on my house on jan 14 and i am taking the MSF course the week of the 18-23. i will then be doing some serious bike shopping. i dont think i can wait till march because a) it is too far away and b) i wouldnt have the bike and be riding a while for bike week at daytona.

SO...what do i do? ive researched the yamahas, suzukis, hondas and kawasakis. all the other possibilities have something about them i dont like. whether that be carb instead of fuel injection, air/oil cooled instead of liquid, ugly spoked rims instead of nice mag wheels, or just too much money. i cant figure out what i want to get!

what i really want to do is just "borrow" a bike a couple months until the m50 is out but i dont see that happening. if i buy a used one then trade it in i take a huge hit. and i cant afford to buy one outright so i have to be able to finance it.

anyone have any suggestions? maybe someone in FL has a couple extra bikes to loan me one?? haha.

just some discussion on possibilities would help me out a lot...thanks.
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1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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