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I learned something today.

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this should go in that forum but oooh well. I learned i have one awesome girl! so i told her i was coming out for christmas and asked what she'd wanna go out and which she replied ehh if you wanna go on a date we can get some beer, a pizza, and season one of Nip Tuck. Almost the best answer ever! that made me laugh soo hard and she actually meant 8)
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lol, didn't know if it was appropriate to throw this in here or for not having learned anything with bikes...guess it doesnt matter.
well thats why i said aaaaalmost the best answer, you can't win them all can ya?
lol, damnit, i'll show you pics on my lunch hour, so you have to wait until 12:30 EST! 8)
oh woops, forgot about pics i have been busy as all hell with work...wondering why theres 171 views but no replies...i'll get that a lunch again, lol.
LayinLo_usmc said:

So thats Heather, huh? What happened to 1-5? :D
lol the 1-5 pics are for meee and me alone!! :D
lol, negative.
1 - 8 of 17 Posts
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