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i need some info on installing a radr detector on my bike!

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I already have the radar detector its a newer cobra.....there are no lighter jacks on bikes so can i splice it straight to the battery or some other wiring......are the batteries different?[/b]
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Good advice from Rowdy. You can also use an inline fuse and wire directly to the battery. Terminate the end on the battery positive corectly to avoid corrosion. And ground to the motorcycle chassis.
The wire that goes to the center button is the hot wire. You may want to go to the auto parts store and by a socket or power outlet and wire that into the battery so you may unplug you radar detector. Essentally you will now have a cigarette lighter on you bike to plug any device into that is compatable with a cigarette lighter,
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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