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i need your help asap on a decision over 2 bikes.

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ok as most of you know i'm looking at a '86 GSXR1100 it needs windshield and the blinkers to work. and now i looked at a '88 katana 1100 that is bored out to a 1325cc. it needs rear tire, mirror, sprockets and chain, 2nd gear fork thingy(it pops out of 2nd), foot peg on the left side, and maybe a clutch cable.

the '86 GSXR1100 will cost me $1120+gas money(20-40 bucks). and the '88 katana 1100 is $1100.

which do you think i should get?
the link to more info and pics for the '86 GSXR1100 is:

thanks for your help. i need to give the katana guy an answer within an hour or 2.
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tlwisner said:
Didn't you go from a 125 to a 1400? This poor guy is going from a 650 to an 1100.... :wink:

OOOHHHHH, struck right on the pee pee.
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