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I went down today.

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Frame sliders and the rear spool really helped a lot. Frame sliders took most of the impact and dug in. The dirt inside the hole was packed all the way to the bolt.

You guys are great. Thanks
I was wearing Tour Master carbon fiber gloves, HJC leather jacket with hard armor, Shoei helmet, (blue jeans, timberland boots doh! :oops: )

Last Saturday, I wore one piece Frank Thomas but that was around 6 pm. This Friday, it was 91 and just after 3 pm. Just shows never know when accident will occur. Wear your best gear all the time.
Just so you guys know, this is the same road where I've seen accidents on the last 3 weekends. All 3 times, cruiser types were involved and ambulances. Two words why they didn't walk away... no helmets.

Shoei really saved my ass. You look at the bike and doesn't look serious, but when I went down, my left shoulder hit, then my head on a rock.
1 - 4 of 10 Posts
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