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Ignition switch alignment ??????

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Well wanted to raise my handlebars today, had to remove ignition switch to do so on a 2007 Electra Glide classic.
Little did I know you can not let the steering move while switch is apart ,, Now I know lol. anywho ordered the special alignment tool , after trying the screwdriver to align for a couple hours, Tool doesn't arrive until Saturday,
Anyone know any tips or tricks to get ignition switch aligned before then , mayme I need a bigger screwdriver?? can get it to start with screwdriver at this point but not with the actual switch :(
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Pictures would help....sounds like a lug on the switch has to line up with a slot in the steering stem....or????
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Hi Zip,
  • Motion Pro makes a Harley switch alignment tool that you an use to realign the switch or to install after removing the switch mechanicals so the alignment isn't disturbed.
  • I have seen other tools for sale on ebay but never used them and can't verify their compatibility. Around $15 to $22
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