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I have a 1981 CB900 Custom with 24,000 miles on it.
The clutch has 6 normal steel gear plates (Clutch Plate A, Honda part 22321-425-000) and 1 unusual and at this point nearly impossible to find steel gear plate (Clutch Plate B, Honda part 22322-425-000).
I have seen this referred to as the "double thick" gear plate and I think on some of the DOHC bikes in the line, notably the CB750, it actually is a solid plate that is 2x the thickness of the others.
However, on my bike, Clutch Plate B consists of a single thickness gear plate with 8 curved metal shims riveted to one side.
When I opened up the clutch cover, all these shims and their rivets were floating around on the bottom of the housing.
As I said, this part is not available new anywhere, and I'm having a hard time finding a used one.
If anyone has a suggestion on how to replace this part, that would be great.
Can the solid version from a 750 or 1100 be substituted?
If I found someone with a soft touch, could those little %%%%ers (the shims) be welded onto the plate I have? They can't be riveted back on because the original holes have elongated and the rivets just drop through.
Any ideas?
Thanks, guys.
--David S.

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If you place one of the curved metal shims on the plate and measure the thickness using a vernier gauge you will be able to tell if a double thickness plate will fit....thickness wise that is... diameter may be another thing...many clutches are different diameters. I am surprised there are no race kits available.Otherwise I would try a wreckers.

I had a quick look at an online mob and the following plate was used in these models.

Parts Search Results
Assemblies where 22322-425-000 is used

1979 CB750F A - CLUTCH
1979 CB750K A - CLUTCH
1979 CB750L A - CLUTCH
1980 CB750C A - CLUTCH
1980 CB750F A - CLUTCH
1980 CB750K A - CLUTCH
1980 CB900C A - CLUTCH
1981 CB750C A - CLUTCH
1981 CB750F A - CLUTCH
1981 CB750K A - CLUTCH
1981 CB900C A - CLUTCH
1981 CB900F A - CLUTCH
1982 CB750C A - CLUTCH
1982 CB750F A - CLUTCH
1982 CB750K A - CLUTCH
1982 CB750SC A - CLUTCH
1982 CB900C A - CLUTCH
1982 CB900F A - CLUTCH
1983 CB1000C A - CLUTCH
1983 CB1100F A - CLUTCH
1983 CB750SC A - CLUTCH

Good luck.
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