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Installed: Mirrors and clear lenses

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Easy install ... 30 minutes for all. Here's my choice in the mirrors; OEM above, Kuryakyn Ellipse mirrors below. I chose these as you can see because they are relatively the same size so rearviewing is not hindered:

Here's the before and after install of both mirrors and flasher lenses; sorry for the dark garage pics, but it was raining outside:

The clear lenses look SOOOO much better than the amber ... should have been OEM if you ask me. I'll take better pics this weekend after installing the grips, if it's good weather!
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Zuki ordered the 19.95 ones at the bottom of that list? i want to get the crystal and plated bulbs like you did....

lemme know

oh btw: darn you for making me want to spend more money on my bike now...ive been fine for a while, thinking there were no mods for the M yet, then i come back here and see this....

ARGGHHHHHHH! guess i know what some of dad's life insurance check is going towards
cool...i JUST ordered them about 15 minutes ago...ordered the F and R sets which come with the bulbs as it reads?

thanks! i forgot to get the drive shaft cover, so am looking for that now. same place or direct from Kury?

EDIT: i see that is a COBRA piece...where did you order it from and how much?

just a side note: these are my mirrors, had a while.

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i have a thread i started back when i got them and this came up. i was a little worried about it when i ordered them, but am so glad i did. there really is NO LOSS of visibility. the only thing you are really losing is HEIGHT of the mirror out at the tip. if you set your angle correctly, you still everything you need to. i would TOTALLY rec. you get the teardrop ones (they were my 2nd choice and if i had realized the shape of the airbox before just now i would have gotten them i think).

DO NOT worry about your vision and get the mirrors you like.
im telling you...try them and you wont notice a diff in about 1 hour of riding. but to each his own...

got a part # or a link even better? cant find that cover!
ISO grips were my first "mod". i knew i wanted them before i had my them free and installed free from dealer due to scratch on my tank. i love them (though i later bought the throttle boss and dont like it so took it off). i love them

got my clear turn signals in...made a mistake and ordered teh amber bulbs, not the chrome i called and they are adding them to my same order so no extra shipping....then i got thinking, so i called back and added the chrome drive shaft cover another 66 bux gone like that!

think i am done for a while now....i never really wanted to do much to it anyway...but then again...that memphis shades somone posted looks nice.....its an addiciton i tell ya!!!
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