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Installed: Mirrors and clear lenses

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Easy install ... 30 minutes for all. Here's my choice in the mirrors; OEM above, Kuryakyn Ellipse mirrors below. I chose these as you can see because they are relatively the same size so rearviewing is not hindered:

Here's the before and after install of both mirrors and flasher lenses; sorry for the dark garage pics, but it was raining outside:

The clear lenses look SOOOO much better than the amber ... should have been OEM if you ask me. I'll take better pics this weekend after installing the grips, if it's good weather!
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wow...funny how little details make all the difference! Agreed those should've been oem. Looks uber-clean now hehe. :smile:
the clear lenses i ordered came over the maybe it's just me, but i feel like the front bulbs are VERY DIM. It's honestly to the point where I don't think they're very safe. I dunno, but aren't the silver coated ones even dimmer zuki? I was looking at led replacements but they only project light straight back and have next to no light going on the sides, plus finding a spot to tack on a load equalizer (resistor) so the signals won't hyper blink is an issue. Found these and am prolly going with em:

super amber bulbs that should be superior to the ambers that come with the clears.

All being said though, the clear lenses are top almost must have for everyone.
1 - 2 of 29 Posts
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