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Does anyone know if you finance through Suzuki, if they just require liability or you have to carry full coverage (i.e. collision).
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hairykc12 said:
so say im a beginner rider and just bought a used 2000 gs500. how much would it cost to insure the bike on one-way coverage? also full coverage?

just seeing around how much it's going to cost when i start riding. oh and also insurance is cheaper if you've taken the MSF course right? i just took that. and im a young rider, 21.

Shouldn't be as bad as a gixxer but your still pretty young. As for the MSF, I don't know but you SHOULD take it no matter, it's your life we are talking about. The MSF can only improve your riding skills and that can save your life.

And for the better prices, I suggest you turn 30 as soon as possible. 8)
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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