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Interested in riding

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:roll: To any and all who read this,

I'm interested in riding. I've dreamed about riding a Harley since I was a kid. Now that I am a grown woman and can afford a bike and the responsibility of riding one, I'm looking for that perfect cruiser. On a whim, I walked into the Orange County Harley store. I looked around until a bike caught my eye. The one that did was an 883 Sportster Custom. Beautiful bike and suprisingly affordable. However, I ran this idea past a few people, most of whom suggested that I get a Japanese bike such as the Intruder (1) because I could get almost twice the bike for about the same money and (2) because they ride better - less vibration. I'd like to get my bike by the summer. Do any of you have any additional info or suggestions? Any input would be greatly appreciated.
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If you have never ridden before I think I would advise holding off on the Harley and buy something used for a first bike. Not because the Japanese bikes are a better bike, but more because you don't want to spend $7-8,000 on a brand new Harley and then ruin your year when you drop it while you're learning to ride.

I think many would advise new riders to purchase a less expensive used bike, preferably one that's a little smaller and less powerful (i.e. easier to learn on). It's not like you have to keep a beginner bike forever. You can build your skills and go through some of the growing pains of being a new rider (drops, etc.) on the less expensive bike and then graduate up to something bigger and fancier.

I know EVERYONE will also recommend that you take a MSF beginner rider course offered in your area to learn how to ride. They'll walk you through everything you need to know to get started and ride safely in the future. I took it and I can't imagine learning any other way. I'm sure there's a website where you can find locations for the course in your area.

Good luck as you begin your riding career. It's great fun. Be safe. Let us know if we can offer any other suggestions.

Adam C.
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