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Interested in riding

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:roll: To any and all who read this,

I'm interested in riding. I've dreamed about riding a Harley since I was a kid. Now that I am a grown woman and can afford a bike and the responsibility of riding one, I'm looking for that perfect cruiser. On a whim, I walked into the Orange County Harley store. I looked around until a bike caught my eye. The one that did was an 883 Sportster Custom. Beautiful bike and suprisingly affordable. However, I ran this idea past a few people, most of whom suggested that I get a Japanese bike such as the Intruder (1) because I could get almost twice the bike for about the same money and (2) because they ride better - less vibration. I'd like to get my bike by the summer. Do any of you have any additional info or suggestions? Any input would be greatly appreciated.
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I wouldn't necesarily go smaller

I wouldn't necesarily go for a smaller bike just because you are a beginner. If you can hold the bike up, you should do ok. I found that the 1400 seems lighter than my Volusia 800. Just take it easy when you start off. I've never dropped a bike, even when I was learning to ride. As long as you can stand flat footed, you shouldn't have to many problems.
About buy a smaller bike to learn then going up, if you do, definately get a used one because a new one will depreciate too much. You could take a new one back to the dealer the next day and you've already lost $2000 on it.
I'd suggest if you want a big bike, just be careful. And stay within your limits. Take a course if necesary. Don't worry about getting a Harley, the name is just prestige, and that's really all you are buying. I ride with Harley riders and fit right in on either one of my Suzukies.
One final note on the 1400... I don't know if all of them have a clutch problem, but mine wants to pop on me in first gear, like it's going to take off quick, so watch out for that. Take an experienced rider with you if you can find one to help when buying. Now the Volusia has an easy excelleration, takes off real smooth. It has a lot of pulling power for a small engine.
Good luck!!!
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