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Intruder 1500 tailight LEDs

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Anybody have experience with LED's. I want to change the stock tail light bulb on my 2004 1500LC with a LED bulb. I've see several sizes and also Red or white. What color and size has worked best on this bike.
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Thanks for the info..
I've been looking at They have 1157 LED bulbs and on there site they say to use a Red LED behind the Red lense. I thought the white would be better but maybe it is to bright for the lense. My reasoning for the led taillight was that if my bulb burnt out I would have nothing as with the LEDS I would still have a rear light with only a missing LED or two.
I hear ya on the rear colors and that is why I wanted to use white as this bulb is the illumination for the plate light also which should be white.
I also want to add the Signal Dynamics Back Off Brake Light Flasher and hope that it will work with the LEDS.
The rear directionals on 2004 1500LC have been changed from the previous years and I cannot get clear lenses for them. If I could have I would have changed the bulbs to red and add the wiring kit to use them as turn signals/running lights & brake lights. Maybe some day they will come out with something.
Thanks again for the help.
vOlusia.. Thank-you!
I've checked cruisercustomizing in the past and they only had the 03 and prior available for the 1500LC.
Yes , I did just order them and I'll put in red bulbs.
Then I can install the ( Tri-Star Module and the light will work as a brake/directional light.
Thanks again.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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