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Intruder 1500 tailight LEDs

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Anybody have experience with LED's. I want to change the stock tail light bulb on my 2004 1500LC with a LED bulb. I've see several sizes and also Red or white. What color and size has worked best on this bike.
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DrBob... I was curious about that as well,,, does the wiring have to be changed or is it just a bulb? I have seen the LED light bulbs in the auto parts stores that replace stock bulbs and claim to be brighter,, or are you talking about a whole new fixture? What is your opinion on that?
Cool,, I'll look into that,, I don't mind paying a few dollars if it saves my tail from getting rear ended. Because it would cost alot more to patch up my tail.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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