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Intruder 800 choke adjustment

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Can anybody tell me how to adjust the choke. My bike wont start unless I Physically hold the choke out as far as it will go. This is very hard to do while holding in the cluch and pushing the start button at the same time. Could somebody please advise. Thanks.
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SOLUTION! My 2000 VS800GL was the same way. Just recently I found the solution. Pull the choke button/rod out all the way. Where this notched rod goes in, there's a round black rubber/plastic cap about 7/8" diameter x 3/8" tall. Carefully unscrew this cap, holding a piece of paper, magnetic tray or something underneath. There is an itty-bitty, teeny-tiny spring and ball bearing on top, held in place by this rubber/plastic cap. The ball is maybe 1.5-2mm diameter. The spring & ball bearing engages in the 4 notches in the button/rod that you pull out to choke the engine. Carefully using a magnetized knife or something, remove and clean these 2 small doohickeys and stretch the spring a little bit. Put it back together and WHAH-LAAAHHHHH!!! The choke button will now stay where you put it. It helps also when pulling the button for choke to twist it a little... counter-clockwise will let it go in easier and clockwise will help it to stay out because it engages the ball bearing better. When replacing the plastic/rubber cap you'll have to hold the spring down/compressed using a tiny flat screwdriver or something. AUDIT EVERY STATE -9/12/2021
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