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Intruder 800: Stalls, Restarts Occasionally

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I've got a 1995 Intruder 800 with two problems: it stalls and it then doesn't restart for a while. Here's the scenario:

Riding along, when I'm slowing to a stop, I'll pull the clutch in while braking and sometimes it stalls. When I go to restart it, the lights are on, but when I press the starter button, nothing happens. Nothing. So I usually turn it off and on a few times, work the clutch a bit and then randomly, it'll start and off I go again... 'til the next stop light.

Can anyone help me troubleshoot these two problems? I'm picking up a wiring diagram tomorrow because it seems to me that this has got to be electrical in nature. If so, are there any areas I should concentrate on first?

I appreciate any help. This hasn't been a good week for vehicles.... my car blew a seal (or something) in the cam.

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That's going to be a hard to find problem, since you'll need to get it to occure while metering the circuits. Do you have a factory manual to refer to specific specs and value ranges? It could be as simple as a dirty spade lug in the ignition system. Something that older Honda VFR's are known for! If you have the time clean and reseat all your connections. A weak or dirty contact might be all it is.
Might be the kickstand switch causing it to die. But it should affect starting it unless you are in gear.
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