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Intruder 800: Stalls, Restarts Occasionally

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I've got a 1995 Intruder 800 with two problems: it stalls and it then doesn't restart for a while. Here's the scenario:

Riding along, when I'm slowing to a stop, I'll pull the clutch in while braking and sometimes it stalls. When I go to restart it, the lights are on, but when I press the starter button, nothing happens. Nothing. So I usually turn it off and on a few times, work the clutch a bit and then randomly, it'll start and off I go again... 'til the next stop light.

Can anyone help me troubleshoot these two problems? I'm picking up a wiring diagram tomorrow because it seems to me that this has got to be electrical in nature. If so, are there any areas I should concentrate on first?

I appreciate any help. This hasn't been a good week for vehicles.... my car blew a seal (or something) in the cam.

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I would focus on the clutch safety switch for starters, and then the kickstand switch. Also, check your negative battery cable: Intruders are famous for the negative cable getting a weeee bit loose and causing all kinds of electrical gremlins, like stalling when the brake light lights up or when you turn on the turn signal. Check also inside the left side switch box for shorted/ loose connections.
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