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Hello, finally found a forum that has updates from this year. Have a 1995 Intruder 800. Black/chrome. Love the bike. Ride everyday, work , bars, poker runs, ect. Been customizing since christmas. Have a question for anyone that may know, Does any company make custom wheels for this bike? I have searched with no avail. Now, something new.....Everyone talks about better sound from their bikes. Everyone also says you must re jet the carbs to get good performance. Let me tell you what I did. First I pulled the entire muffler system off the intruder. The head pipes were the only thing remaining. Then I went to Autozone(parts store) and picked up a set of chrome slash cut exhaust tips for $8.00. I took the chrome clamps from the old system and cleaned them up. I welded the tips on the headpipes, welded the clamps over the weld marks and ...BAM... shorty drag pipes. Very trick looking for $8.00. Bought a Cobra chrome battery box cover, sanded down and re sprayed the arms gloss black. Looks perfect. I get compliements all the time. Now, only for the young at heart(or the deaf) this bike is loud at speed or anytime you are in the throttle. Does not have the pop pop sound of a HD but it sounds really good, like an Sns or revtech. All I did as far as tuning was lowered the idle, (nice loping sound) and went one heat range colder on my plugs. I have ridden 3600 miles like this. No damage, though a little harder to start when cold. As soon as I get a dig camera I will post pictures. I don't know if the 800 V engine just needed to be opened up or what but this bike definitly picked up power. Just thought I would throw in my experience to see what others thought.
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