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The clutch slips because Suzuki put in crap clutch springs for both the 98 and 99 LC1500. I know because I had the clutch replaced twice on my 98. Finally found a dealer/mechanic that had some brains... They bought a set of 2000 LC1500 clutch springs and tested them against the 98 springs. Totally different and solves the slipping problem. Dealers don't know this because Suzuki is NOT going to admit the screw up and 99.44% of the mechanic aren't smart enough to test/try something different.

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gebo said:
GTruder said:
Did you happen to use a synthetic oil in thsi Intruder?

The Synthetics will cause a clutch to slip.

No, I use 10w 40 Suzuki oil.
Email Stu at Metric Thunder - [email protected] - And tell him you want the High Strength Clutch Springs. He has them in Stock and they are eay to install yourself, takes less than an hour.

Here's what you do:
Take exhaust off - Get new Exhaust Flange Gaskets to be safe.
Drain Engine Oil(Put in New Oil and filter later)
Remove Oil Filler tube cover and then the cover directly to the front of it (Clutch Cover has 11 bolts, 2 with rubber washers note them and two that are extra long)
Remove one Spring Bolt and Spring at a time. (Take Old Bolt to Ace Hardware and get 5ea new Stainless Steel Bolts and Std washers for each)
Install New Bolt to 7-9lbs torque each.
Replace one at a time and you don't have to touch the clutch at all.
Install New Gasket for cover(wipe surfaces clean first)(Get gasket from Stu also)
Tighten Cover Bolts
Add Filter and New Oild and replace Oil Filler cover.
Install Exhaust Pipes with new gaskets and you are done.

No special tools except a torque wrench and 12mm, 8mm and maybe a 10mm, not sure on that one

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Just read on another site that many intruders where having clutch slipping while using Suzuki oil, changed the oil and problem went away,
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