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Iridium Windscreen

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Hi Everyone:

For the summer I found a new windscreen released for the 04 Gixxer 750. Here's a head on pic of it.

Bill - Jammer
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Jammer said:
I like the Pig mirrors for the side vision. If I can see something in them..then I can't pull over to that lane...if I don't see anything..I'm clear to go into the next lane. In reality, I still look.
That's exactly what you should do: Still look.

If your MSF instructor was worth his/her salt, they would have told you that mirros can only say "No," never "Yes." If they don't say "NO," a look over the shoulder is the next step towards getting a "Yes."

I do that in my truck now. Good habits are hard to break.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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