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When I first called the number to gather information on this rally, I spoke with Mike Murphey, the owner, himself. He seemed like a nice guy, and I was comfortable with coming to this rally to spend my money in hopes of making some in return. Though upon arriving at the rally, my outlook quickly changed, and drastically so. It is only Friday, the first night of the actual kick-off to the Iron Angels, and my hands have already been completely tied.

I am a certified piercer, my partner is a certified tattoo artist with thirty-eight years in the industry that is OSHA certified. We have been here since Wednesday, and had told the people running this show upfront what our situation is. Thanks to Joe, the manager under Mr. Murphey, who was quite quick to tell my partner and myself that we can not make any money at this show, due to the fact that his affiliations with a certain biker group, only allow one tattoo artist, also affiliated with this biker group, to tattoo at the rally. Sure, I can respect that, but I paid them, up to the last dime in my pocket to get into this show, with the hopes and understandings that I was going to be able to get enough fuel money to atleast get to the next spot.


Not only have we been shut down, but this rally has turned out to be nothing but an ass raping of vendors, spectators, and whoever else wants to walk through that entry gate. Vendors are being charged double rent for their spots, even vendors that have been coming to this show for the past ten years are getting a reeming. This is no rally, this is not a fun place to be, and Mr. Murphey is allowing all of this to take place with his rude help, whom have done nothing but harass us since they've found out what our industry is. If half of the vendors come back next year, it will be a suprise.

At this point, we are contacting churches, and whoever else we can contact for help, this rally is nowhere near what it claims to be. And the great state of Texas is allowing these people to steal year after year. How is that allowed to happen?
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