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After seeing another thread that required the pulling of the head, I noted that the valve lash adjustment is done like my buddies dirt bike versus how mine is done on my Suzuki Z400 (sport quad). It looks like all I need to do is remove the access covers, check the lash (at TDC compression stroke, of course), and I'm guessing adjust if neccesary by loosening something and turning something.

Does that sound right? On my quad, I have to remove the head cover, check the lash at TDC and hope it is on. If not, I need to remove the cam (intake or exhaust, and it comes off the chain so you have to keep that in order, too) and then change out to a different thickness shim. It is an overhead cam engine. Then I have to reinstall the cam and torque correctly. And shims are $7 each so it is usually a 2 day job cause I don't know what I need til I measure the lash.

What else is connected to the gas tank, my 2005 FSM isn't in yet and the owners manual says just pull it off without mention of at least some electrical connectors (to the speedo?). I have 300 miles with 300 to go before the first check.
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