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Is their any easy way to get a GSX-R600.....

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I'm 16 years old and I know the insurance is killer, but is their any easy way for me to get this bike at my age? Thanks people.
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excuse my parental tone but, unless you are from the hayden racing family, why would you want a gsxr600 ?

that bike and all it's competitors are WAY too much bike for the inexperienced. Do you realize what a top end of 150+ mph means - that is 220 feet per second - not much time left to react !!! Even if you have been on dirt bikes for a few years, you don't have enough road experience for a high powered bike. The 600's are deceivingly fast and that will get you in trouble or worse.

It's time the legislators start a graduated bike licensing system like they apparently have in the UK
well you do have a good point, the 600 sportbikes are pretty hot looking and bristle with the latest technology.

Suzuki must be reading your mind, because the new GS500 has some styling cues from the Hayabusa. Even the SV650 would be a better choice than the GSXr600 but it still way too much bike for a beginner.

let's face it - you need to learn first and look cool second. If you get your dream bike when you are less than 20, what do you have to look forward to when you are 30.

I was happy with my dr650 thumper for a few years until I was ready for the V-Strom and I have over 30 years of driving experience.

don't rush - you have a long life ahead of you
sweet ride gsxrnut !!! nice lean angle

totally agree - but what do I know - I ride a V-Strom hailed by the fashion conscious as a "fugly" bike.

But I don't care, for me, & as I can see, for you, the ride, not the look is important and the V-Strom provides PLENTY of fun
hi jonathan,

if you go back to the orignal post you will see that the rider asking the question is 16. So, yes, the SV650, with performance of 0-60 in 3.4 sec & 1/4 in 11.97 is TOO much bike for a beginner.

the only beginners who should rides bikes this powerful are one who have driven on the road for at least a few years and have some experience operating a vehicle.

Sure, a talented young rider could operate any bike if they are careful, but none of us are born with the experience to survive in today's traffic - you have to LEARN it and it takes more than a few months.

trying to avoid a another vehicle while you are WFO in second or third gear is not the way to gain experience
hello from the west Louis,

the SV is a sweet bike - I almost bought one before I decided on the V-Strom. Great useable V-twin power, good handling and awesome brakes.
However, the "S" version - the only one avail in Canada, has the clipons so low, that I had to crank my neck back alot to see through my glasses otherwise I was looking over my glasses - not a good thing.

The upright seating of the V-Strom solved that problem nicely. If the 650 V-Strom came out first, I would have chosen it. You might want to check it out. The upright seating, wide bars, 19" front wheel and extra suspension travel would make it ideal for commuting through the crazy Quebec drivers. You could also explore some of your beautiful backcountry

check out the latest V-Strom 650 review at www.

happy shopping
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1 - 5 of 22 Posts
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