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is this all for my busa

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hi everyone--happy holidays and safe riding---i own and older busa (01) and im wondering if there is anything i can do to get her to be even faster than she is---all i did was put after market pipes on her--she tops out @about 230mph--is this it or can she do 250+ with the right work--thanks for help--

98 gsxr 600--drop bike
01 gsxr 1000
01 hayabusa-1300 :shock:
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to get her to be even faster than she is---all i did was put after market pipes on her--she tops out @about 230mph
so your saying with only different pipes as the mod you get 368kph and that you also wish to nail 250mph. well simply your a tosser!
As a member of the 200mph club i cannot ever say i have read or seen a bussa cracking 230mph with just a pipe change.
When you come back to reality i can help you mod the bussa but till then let your hand enjoy.
Re: thanks

bigbenz said:
thanks for your reply--is there someone with any experience that can help me--- :D --this is a real question--not for a newbee--thanks for your concern. im in reality--this is the fastest production bike made---all stock there pushing 200mph---my gsxr fully stock does 190mph---

anyone with 1st hand experience with the busa write back---
yer your right aye i've got no experience, i must be talking shyte and full of rubbish well heres the facts as they stand. Fastest busa '99 slowest '02, the '99 busa unresticted managed 320kph just and that was the only standard busa to do so. now when u turbo or nos a busa well thats another story all together. Currently the fastest Hayabusa does 250mph and shyte man your not far of that aye and shall we consider the turbo, ice intercooler and 5 gallen water tank that biatch is running compared to your different pipes.
so as far as not knowing what i'm on about maybe we should go for a walkies out to the garage and take a look at the busa i have with 9psi added.
So if anyone knows i would take a pot shot and say i do!
when you get your hand of it and come back to reality visit this site its a reality based site for fast bikes where currently having a good larf on there at your expence. There you will see exactly what it takes to break 200mph and its slightly alot more than pipes :lol:
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ok the only way is turbo even though the busa can handle nos easily its still not advisable visit that forum i posted b4 there you will get specialised help on getting your bussa over 200mph. The 200mph club is Hayabussa's and ZX12's (being the slower bike :lol: ) even though its a pommy forum the ppl there meet fortnightly to break 200mph so you will easily be able to pick through what they do and do it to your bike so you might possibly break 200mph.

to the other point no i dont wish to argue i just find it impossible to believe that you can do 230mph. But then if you have obviously you have time cards from a 2mile run so scan it and post it for us!
Could it be possible that the previous owner changed sprockets and the speedo is off?
yer i did think the same, but then the Hayabussa is notorious for an inacurate speedo at the best of times anything up to 40kph+ out.

Notice the olive branch you two...
yer my comments do always tend to bring out the best, but are'nt normally ment with mallace.
Re: Is this all for my busa

Wickham Wonder said:
Unless you've had an alternative speedo fitted (are they available?).
yer its called a yellow box from memory. I just put on on me mates busa to calibrate his speedo.
not cheap but the only real way to get an acurate speedo
i've just used my hand held GPS, stuck it to the tank and she held ok. Well for a while anyways :lol:
selective degradation was turned of years ago for GPS units so they are accurate to with in a few metres. If there no then its a built in issue with the GPS unit.
I use a few different brands Garmin and Magellan mainly for there accuracy and update speed going by a newly calibrated radar gun and a shop bought GPS my GPS unit and others tried on the day were accurate through to 250kph.
the other point with ninja eater stated 3-4 satelites i havent seen a GPS unit in over 10 years that read of less than 8 satelites. My current units on a bad time of the day drop down to 7 and good 12. We have over 400 satelites that they admit to up there dedicated to GPS. So recieving anything less in unsatisfactory.
you only need 3 satelites for speed, location and height, 4 is a bonus but not essential. Unless the GPS has the ability to track 12 satelites i wouldn't touch it.
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