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is this all for my busa

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hi everyone--happy holidays and safe riding---i own and older busa (01) and im wondering if there is anything i can do to get her to be even faster than she is---all i did was put after market pipes on her--she tops out @about 230mph--is this it or can she do 250+ with the right work--thanks for help--

98 gsxr 600--drop bike
01 gsxr 1000
01 hayabusa-1300 :shock:
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bigbenz : merry xmas :D

i'm from

no piss taking here,tis the season and all :D

from our club running on runways and reading other forums:
(real speed)
stock busa up to low mid 190's
piped,we have 2 or 3 who managed 200,most on mid 190's
turbo,anywhere from 200 upwards,depends on bhp

the motorhead has done 250 as have one or two others,BUT THATS IT !
and i think they were running on salt
(some have done 230's and 240's on tarmac)
and they spent 1000's
and money is NOT the only thing you need
you need someone who can build HAYABUSA engines !
not just good at engine building

hope this helps?
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hey uncle bob ! ! ! merry xmas and glad you're responsible too :D
visit us !
and mention this post,oh and you will need a thick skin ! :lol:
well i'm getting a velocity racing stage 2 turbo from USA, should be here for jan :mrgreen:
oh,ive got a 2002 hayabusa
if i can't find monies for engine work in 2004 then i'll limit turbo to 270 rwbhp
else i'll be going to around 400-430 :D
1 - 3 of 60 Posts
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