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It doesn't get better than today!!!

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Temp is 81 with 45% humidity, not a cloud in the damn sky, the wind in my hair and face just crusing around for the hell of it (no helmet and jacket today). I took the long way home from Pep Boys, like the extra 10 mile long way home cause it's just so damn pretty out. And oh yeah the streets of Orlando are alive with bikers!! Can't wait to get up to Daytona Beach later on. It's gonna be like this for the next week, man I picked the best week to go on vacation!!!!


humm I guess you can edit a title on this software. Cool
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Nexus242 said:
If you think I'm foolish, okay I hear you so let's not bring it up in every single post I make. Your not my daddy or mommie so stop telling what I can and can't do, and what I should wear.
Thank you.
I don't think you're foolish, just ignorant. I hope when you learn, the price isn't too high. 8)
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