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it's not easy being green

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Hi Folks,
New to this forum, so please bear with me. I just traded a 99' Yamaha Warrior for a 96' Suzuki DR650SE. I am an avid fan of dual sports and am excited to ride this thing. But i am now realizing peoples opinions of this bke are not very good. Although I'm saddened by this, I optimistic and feel the bike will suit my needs nicely.

Question is, what other model, if any...i.e. dr400 for intstance would cross over as far as small parts, like brake pads, nuts and bolts...air filters,etc. I have noticed a huge void and would like to have access to a parts source. anyone know any good websites that sell stuff for these things. Thanks in advance.
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I didn't realize people did not have good opinions on this bike. What problems have you heard about? I've been looking for one. I have a DR350 and a DR200 and both seem to be good bikes.
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